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OUR MISSION: The Association of Military Colleges and Schools of the United States (AMCSUS) is a group of schools (college preparatory schools; two-year colleges; and colleges and universities) which provide a quality liberal arts education in a structured and organized environment which emphazises strong values, character and leadership development, service to others. The skills learned at our schools enable our graduates to be fully prepared and possess the self confidence they will rely upon in whatever career they pursue. Our graduates positively impact their communities, our nation and the world.

While our 42 schools offer unique programs, they all share a strong tradition of academic excellence and have a culture that fosters close relationships between faculty and students. Our schools have great student-to-teacher ratios which guarantee our students get the attention needed to excel. Military schools focus on "whole person" education which provides our students with the critical thinking skills required for success in an increasingly very dynamic world. Students receive individual engagement from faculty who are also encouraged to grow professionally and whose continuance depends not upon tenure, but upon proven performance and a passion for teaching. Our faculty members recognize that each student is unique and they help each individual to understand, seek and achieve their full potential.

Whether urban or rural, secondary or college, day or boarding, private or public, each school is governed by a Board of Trustees, is independent in its governance and finance, and follows a stated policy of nondiscrimination in admission. All schools are fully accredited as part of a recognized evaluative process.

While the schools vary in size, philosophy, curriculum and student body, they all:

• Provide a Quality Education
• Challenge Each Student
• Emphasize Strong Values
• Develop Leaders of Character
• Promote Service and Citizenship
• Encourage Spiritual Growth
• Foster Close Relationships With Faculty
• Provide Structure and Promote Self-Discipline
• Develop the "Whole Person"
• Are Fully Accredited

OUR PURPOSE: The purpose of AMCSUS, as put forth in its Constitution, is to promote the common interest of all members and to advance their welfare; promote and maintain high scholastic, military and ethical standards in member schools; represent the mutual interests of the member schools before the Department of Defense, Department of Education as well as the general public; foster and extend patriotism and respect for duly constituted authority; and cultivate citizens who love peace and who strive to maintain it.

OUR HISTORY: The Association was formed in 1914 and is a nonprofit service organization serving as a binding force and communication hub for its member schools.

Since its founding, the Association has served as an advocate for the nation's premier military colleges and schools and has acted as a liaison with the Departments of Defense and Education.

Currently there are 7 military colleges and universities, 5 military junior colleges, and 28 military college preparatory (institute) schools.

OUR ACTIVITIES: AMCSUS serves as the focal point for sharing information among member schools, between members schools and government agencies (primarily the Defense Department and the Department of Education), and with other professional associations such as NAIS, CAPE, and TABS.

The Association hosts an annual meeting (normally in late February in the Washington, D.C. area) for all member schools. Also participating in the meeting are expert colleagues from the Office of the Secretary of Defense, the military services, the Department of Education, and other educational associations and institutions. Key supporters and suppliers are also involved.

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Establishing a solid educational foundation is a key step when seeking to build a life of meaning and purpose.

Military schools and colleges provide the structure and organization young men and women require to enhance their critically and decision making skills so they have the confidence to find success in any environment.

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